22 February 2016


Let’s go a little deeper into the details :

The company ALLJARDINS aims to take care of your garden throughout the seasons, we hope that your garden remains your peaceful place, where you will feel good. For this we offer different maintenance:

General maintenance

~ Digging in the flowerbeds manual.
~ Mechanical digging if necessary.

~ Maintenance pruning and plant restructuring.
~ Clearing. weeding,

~ Mowing grass
~ Provision of fertilizer, amendment

~ Maintenance of your paths, aisles and flowerbeds
~ Mulching

~ Monitoring the health of plants.
~ Check the irrigation system, setting

Lawn Care

~ Renovation, scarification and lawn mowing.
~ Weed control (manual / chemical), grass reseeding or replating.


~ Hedge trimming, pruning, pulling up, replanting.

Irrigation system

~ Settings programmers, adjust watering depending on the seasons.

~ Checking, tests.

~ Repairs, replacement of defective parts.

Paths and aisles maintenance

~ Eliminate weeds and moss.

Health monitoring of the garden

~ Regular inspection of plants.

~ Ecological Action, respectful of plants, insects and environment.

~ Phytosanitary treatment if necessary.

Mulching, mineral decors

~ Choice suitable mulching.

~ Placing mulch.


~ Rehabilitation of any garden.

~ Lawns restorations.

Gardens Landscaping

~ Studies point to re organize.